Top 5: Vanlife Instagram Accounts

Whatever you might think about the reality of #vanlife on instagram it was and still is an inspiration to us daily. We love finding places to visit from the accounts we follow on instagram and getting ideas on improvements to the van from our friends on there. There are literally hundreds of amazing accounts with beautiful vans in awe inspiring locations, with that in mind it was near impossible to whittle it down to our top 5 accounts however here they are:

the rolling home

The rolling home were a big influence for us as I’m sure they are for a lot of people hoping to convert a van. Both their book and now their quarterly journal are full of inspiring words and photos and their instagram showcases their beautiful van and more recently showing that you can enjoy van life with a permanent parking spot

the indie projects

We’ve been following Theo and Bee for a long time especially on their youtube channel where initially we watched their adventures in their VW T4 around Europe drawn to them because they were also from Birmingham like Matt. As time has gone on they have become the masters of van tour videos (who doesn’t love those!) and their instagram serves as a great reminder and advert for the videos we have to look forward to on their channel

a hiace called home

A hiace called home seemed to be converting their van at the same time we were converting ours and the shear quality of their build was such an inspiration. We had no experience or skills when it came to converting the van and so seeing what could be achieved was both inspiring and infuriating in equal measure. Now that they’re travelling we get to see their beautiful van where it should be, on the road.

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The golden hour.

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Simply put Hymerlife have a classic camper and a knack for beautiful photographs. We enjoy seeing the photos they take, often at locations we have been to, and seeing just how much more beautiful they seem to make them look.

adventures of syl

Who doesn’t love seeing a beautiful dog in great places along with a well converted van! To say that Syl is photogenic is an understatement and their van isn’t too bad either! There’s plenty of dog and van accounts but Adventures of Syl is our favourite, a lot of what they write are things we have felt or issues we have worked through, its nice to know others out there are going through similar experiences with van life as we are.

This is by no means a definitive list of instagram accounts we love there are tonnes more who inspire us and make us envious and push us to go further and work harder.

Let us know any instagram accounts we should be following and don’t be afraid to contact us on instagram with any tips or questions for van living