Best podcasts for long drives

Be it a blessing or a curse, driving long distances is a necessity of van living. While we love listening to music, chatting endlessly about nothing and the occasional game of eye spy one thing we have gravitated towards time and time again are podcasts.

We have listened to our fair share of podcasts since we have been in the van, some good, some bad, so we have curated a list of our favourites to try and take some of the guess work out of it for you. Here’s our list of the best podcasts for long drives:

my dad wrote a porno – Jamie’s Dad retired from the world of sales but entered the world of self published erotic e-books. His son reads a chapter a week of his Dad’s terribly written pornography to two of his friends who can’t help but laugh. We find ourselves howling along with the podcast throughout each episode, groaning in plenty of places. It’s stupid but fun.

in the dark – For 27 years a case of a missing Minnesotan child has gone unsolved and In the Dark investigates the case as well as the mishandling of the case leading to the capture of the abductor. This is a podcast for those who are looking for a true crime podcast to fill the void left by Serial.

mortified – Adults stand in front of a live audience and read out the embarrassing entries from their childhood diaries. Both of us love awkwardness and comedy and so nothing more needed to be said to us in order to know we were going to love Mortified.

freakonomics radio – The podcast of the bestselling book, Freakonomics radio is where two economists set out to answer questions such as ‘are the rich really less generous than the poor’, ‘should everyone be in a rock band’ and ‘how efficient is energy efficiency’. Its an interesting popular science look at everyday questions and how economic theory can be employed to try and answer them. Its entertaining and informative in equal measure.

the worst idea of all time – Two comedians watch the Sex and the City 2 film every week for a year and then record a podcast after each viewing. It may sound like a boring idea but one thing we know about living in a van is that you start to slowly go insane and so hearing two comedians going insane after watching nearly 3 hours of a terrible film begins to get morbidly entertaining. We recommend watching the film before starting the podcast so you can really appreciate their pain.

sawbones – A husband and wife, one a doctor and the other very much not, discuss all issues medical. Sawbones tackles medical history and misguided medicine in an entertaining way and sets out to correct some of the misinformation out there. Pick and choose the medical issues you want to learn about and you’ll soon find you are just listening to all of their episodes from Obama Care to Gonorrhoea

These are just some of the best podcasts we listen to regularly to get through the thousands of miles we drive, if you have any suggestions for us please let us know!