Making money on the road

Recently we got a message from someone on Instagram who asked “You both lost your jobs and now travel in your van, how can you afford it, what do you do for money?”

When we lost our jobs we realised that we no longer wanted to work full time and so if we wanted to stop working five days a week we would have to look at jobs differently and came to the conclusion that we didn’t need to replace our 9 to 5 job with another we just needed to replace the income you get from a 9 to 5 job. We can do this by doing a number of little things which add up to replacing most of our income. We know that not everyone will want to do what we do but below are things which have worked for us;


Matched Betting

By far our biggest income stream is through matched betting which has brought in around £500-£1000 a month each. Matched betting is a technique where we are able to utilise bookmaker promotions to guarantee making profit. We first heard about it in the Guardian newspaper and thought it looked too good to be true until we tried it and found that it wasn’t. Rather than me explaining it poorly for you we recommend you take 5 minutes to read a website we use called Profit Accumulator which has tonnes of tutorials and information about matched betting as well as offering a free trial where you can make your first £45 for free. We can’t recommend it enough to people and it is one of the main reasons we can travel so freely.

If you want further information from us about what matched betting is and how we make money from this please check out our guide

Freelance Work

While matched betting brings in the bulk of our income we supplement this by doing freelance work on a number of websites. FiverrPeople per Hour and Take Note Typing offer us the opportunity to offer our skills online to people. Whether that be transcription, copy writing, proof reading, data entry or virtual assitant work we are able to use our skills to be able to work location independently and as much or as little as we want. More recently we have been making money using Click Worker who take large jobs from companies and portion them down to smaller ones which they then offer to their online workers. The jobs consist of data entry and surveys and are easily and quickly completed. Although the pay is low for these they don’t require you to be selected by a client like Fiverr does.

Work Away

Work away is one of the most popular way for travellers to travel. With most work away you are required to do jobs in exchange for accommodation and food and on occasion the hosts may offer a small amount of money as an allowance however we have found that some places are more than willing to pay for a tank of diesel in lieu of accommodation which suits us just fine seen as we have that with us at all times.

We make enough money with a combination of the above to be able to afford to travel however the biggest secret we have is that travelling in a van is just so much cheaper than going on holiday plus its just so much more fun!