Improving Mobile Photography

The old adage is true, “the best camera is the one you have on you”. Over the last 6 months we have driven 10,000 miles and taken 10,000 photos of all of the beautiful places we’ve been to, however, if we’d only taken photos using our DSLR cameras we’d probably only have 5,000 photos and a stack of missed opportunities. Our mobile phones are with us all of the time and we just found ourselves using them more and more to capture the everyday aspects of our vanlife and our travels. In fact the majority of the pictures on our instagram are all taken and edited with our phones! Being able to just pull your phone out and snap an image without having to worry about ISO and F numbers means that we are able to capture the moments so much quicker.


As we are moving more and more towards mobile photography to capture our travels we wanted to see if we could improve mobile photography to the point where we didn’t feel like we were missing out by not using our DSLR camera. We signed up to a free trial to a site called Skillshare which we’d had recommended to us (specifically when we wanted to learn how to set up a website).


On Skillshare people can record and post online courses for absolutely anything, they range from Google Analytics to cross stitch and everything in between. Most importantly for us it has a tonne of courses about improving your mobile photography, specifically for sharing on Instagram which is what we do most of. Here are the ones I’ve been working through:

Mobile Photography Basics for Instagram Success 

By Tyson Wheatley

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This course covers shooting with your phone, accessories you can use to aid your photography, editing, sharing and community. Its easy to follow but is informative enough to make a difference to the shots we were taking

Mobile Photography Creating a Consistent Look and Feel

By Joe Greer

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This course focuses much more on the editing side of mobile photography and goes through creating a consistent editing style for your mobile photography using apps on your phone.

Learn Mobile Photo Editing: Apps for Beauty and Efficiency

By Dan Rubin

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This course was by far the most thorough of the ones we’ve watched that covers mobile editing. Since we’ve taken this course we think our Instagram photos have been much more dynamic and interesting and we’ve been able to do justice to some of the amazing places we’ve been.

Skillshare is a subscription service that costs around $10 a month however they offer a 2 month free trial which you can cancel at any point and continue to use until the 2 months are over without being charged so you can work through these courses and loads of others for free.

Since we first looked at these courses we have been able to capture so many great scenes on our phones and edit them to bring out the best in them and since we’ve started putting into action the things we’ve learnt and sharing them on instagram we’ve seen our audience grow from a few hundred to a few thousand

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