Long term profits from Matched Betting

Can you make long term profits from Matched Betting?

Since we posted our articles What is Matched Betting? and How to start Matched Betting (you really should read these before carrying on with this article otherwise you might not follow what we’re about to discuss) we get a lot of contact asking us whether this is a viable long term way to make an income while on the road. This is an understandable question especially given just how easy the first £1000 is to make thanks to all of the introductory offers given to us by the bookies. Well we’re here to tell you that it is a viable way to make some additional monthly income and while the first £1000 I made was the easiest the next £9000 was certainly the more satisfying!

I’ve been doing matched betting now for around a year including 8 months while we were first in Europe. When I first started matched betting I did as we suggest in are articles, I signed up with Outplayed.com and I began working through their introductory offers. Within the first 2 months I had made £1500Matched Betting Totals

But as the introductory offers started to dry up I began to wonder how I was going to keep making this kind of money and continue to fund our conversion and our travel plans. That’s when I discovered the Outplayed.com forum. This is the biggest tip we have for people wanting to make long term profits from matched betting. The forum is why we pay a subscription to the site because its on this forum where we can find the special offers that the bookies have for us to keep us betting with them!

These special offers are referred to as Reloads. They come in a number of different shapes and sizes however once you have gone through the introductory offers with the bookies you will begin to see that all of these reload offers follow the same principles. Of course these offers can all be found individually on the bookies websites and that way you’d save the subscription fee for Outplayed.com however we would rather pay the comparatively small subscription fee for someone to do most of the hard work for us so that we can spend that time climbing mountains, swimming in lakes or just driving our van to the next adventure.

A day in the life of a matched better

So what does the day to day of a Matched Better look like…

In order to make consistent long term profit from matched betting you have to be a creature of habit and get yourself organised. It doesn’t take much time each day to earn your income however it does mean you have to be on top of what is happening.

I begin my usual matched betting day at around midday and the first place I go is onto the Outplayed.com forum and specifically a topic called “How to make £1000 a month”. This topic is updated daily with all of the reload offers that are available that are worth attempting and also links to complete instructions of how to do each of these offers.

Matched Betting Forum

As you can see from the offers on this day, there are £48 worth of offers you are able to do. If you follow all of the instructions from this thread alone you will be able to make your £48 for this day. In order to complete that many offers I would normally spend around 1 hour going through these ensuring that I set any reminders on my phone for offers that are time specific and need to be done while a sporting event is on going.

Once I have completed all of these offers I will head to another area of the forum called “Reloads”. In here you can see any offers that you might have missed from previous days or any offers released by the bookies after the “how to make £1000 a month” topic has been updated. I will peruse through here for 10 minutes making sure I haven’t missed anything before I head to my regular and consistent income from matched betting.

Matched Betting Reload Forum

This is where your organisational skills become essential. Each week a number of bookies run Bet Clubs, these are weekly clubs that guarantee you free bets. For example Paddy Power runs a bet club where they will give you a free bet of £10 if you bet 5x£10 bets across the week. Similarly Coral offer a £5 free bet if you bet £25 each week. There are a lot of these Bet Clubs and when you start doing all of them regularly (including combining them with the reload offers) you will start to see your monthly income trickle in £1 at a time.

By following this day plan most days (even we are not doing it every day, there is just too much exploring to do!) we have been able to earn enough money to buy, convert and travel in our very own home on wheels.

As with anything we write about Matched Betting, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us using our contact us page or message us directly on our Instagram and we will endeavour to help!