Van Tour

We recently got to meet the wonderful Theo and Bee from The Indie Projects who filmed a van tour with us, showing how some of the van works and a little bit about our story. We could have spoken all day with them about the specifics of everything in our van but not only did we not have time but I’m not sure everyone watching would have enjoyed watching a 6 hour video of me rambling on about how our bed pulls out or why we chose to forego an inverter in our van.

That being said I know when we were converting our van that was exactly the information we wanted and so we thought we’d take to our website to give some more detail on what we have done and why we have done it.

We hope you enjoy the van tour and below it are some more specifics about the van, what we considered, what we ended up choosing and how we made it all. Let us know if there’s more specific information you need

Van Tour

You can read our van tour articles here.

In these articles we discuss the specifics of what we did and why we did it when we were building our van. Find out what our solar set up is and what battery we have plus much more. If there’s something we don’t cover in here then let us know and we’ll write about it!

Here’s a list of what we used to create our van:

Power and Lights