Best Campervan Gifts 2019

What do you get for the person who doesn’t have the space to store anything? Thanks to our gift guide you can now make sure you can get the campervan gifts that your loved ones want, need and can actually keep in their campervans. As with each years guide we will give you campervan gift ideas that will suit every budget so without further ado here’s some great ideas for you

Campervan Gifts

Under £20

The Campervan Cookbook

Campervan Gifts: Campervan Cookbook

Just because you’re living small doesn’t mean you have to eat beans straight from the can. Get a tonne of recipe ideas designed specifically for cooking on only 2 hobs. When you’re limited on space this is the only cookbook you actually need.

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Campervan Gifts: Pocket Blanket

You’ll start to see a theme with our campervan gifts; they’re small! If you’re looking to extend your indoor space outdoors with a picnic blanket then the Matador Mini Pocket Blanket is perfect for you. It’s a full sized water repellent blanket that folds down to be able to fit into even the smallest palm. It’s such a good product we use one all the time!

Laundreez Portable Clothes Washer

Campervan Gifts: Portable Clothes Washer

While it may not be a glamour campervan gift it sure is a useful one! Being able to throw in a small load of washing to tide you over while you’re on the road means you can keep on adventuring for longer and no longer be limited by your lack of clean underwear!

Personalised Campervan Sign

Campervan Gifts: Personalised Sign

Who doesn’t love a personalised gift? Get one for your loved ones and ensure that their van feels like home. It’s shockingly affordable to be able to get a sign tailored to them and we guarantee they’ll love to look at it for years to come.

Reusable Travel Mug

Campervan Gifts: Travel Mug

From your morning coffee while driving to star gazing with a hot chocolate, having an insulated travel mug means you can have hot drinks to warm you up even on the coldest of campervan days.

Under £50

Ridgemonkey Toastie Grill

Campervan Gifts: Ridgemonkey

Don’t be fooled, the Ridgemonkey Toastie Grill isn’t just for toasties! It’s an insanely versatile piece of cooking equipment and is a godsend for people who only have a hob and not an oven for their cooking. Super easy to clean and very compact we use ours daily and so do all our vanlife friends. A must have for sure!

VW Campervan Bluetooth Speaker

Campervan Gifts: VW Bluetooth Speaker

Add some music to their campervan in style with this official VW Campervan Bluetooth Speaker. It charges via USB and can connect via bluetooth as well as via aux cable and so you can play your tunes all night long from the comfort of your rock and roll bed.

Biolite Solar Powered Lantern

Campervan Gifts: Biolite Solar Lantern

If you’re looking for a solar powered light then you’ll find none as featured packed as this one from Biolite. It is lightweight and waterproof and can provide a dimable white light as well as a range of colours. It can charge in the sun thanks to it’s in built solar panel as well as via USB. It has the ability to charge your devices as well as being able to add more lights as part of the Biolite eco system. We have this plus a range of smaller attachable lights and it works wonders.

Thermacell Insect Repeller

Campervan Gifts: Thermacell Insect Repellent

This one falls under the less than glamorous category but boy will they be thanking you come spring. We’ve all been there, sliding door open watching the sun go down only to get ready for bed and find your van filled with bugs. With this campervan gift this will be a thing of the past.

Dr. Prepare Camping Shower

Campervan Gifts: Portable Shower

This isn’t just your basic solar shower, this is the executive solar shower! Fill with water, leave in the sun and enjoy a nice warm shower on the go. It comes with it’s own foot pump to increase the shower flow and packs down into a small case meaning you can simply stow it away and pull it out when you need a quick wash down.

Under £100

Wacaco Minipresso

Campervan Gifts: Wacaco Minipresso

One for the coffee lover who can’t survive with just instant coffee. The Wacaco Minipresso is a tiny espresso machine that you can take with you in your van and on the trails. It is hand operated so won’t eat up any of your campervan battery making it the perfect coffee making gift.

LEGO VW Campervan

Campervan Gifts: Lego Campervan

The child inside you knows you want to buy this campervan gift for someone just so you can have a go a building it yourself. With over 1,000 pieces, this kit will be a nice challenge for the campervan lover and when you’re finished you have a great talking point for your van!

Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Campervan Gifts: Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re looking for vacuum cleaners for your campervan you want something small and they don’t come much smaller than the Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Unlike other car vacuum cleaners this one doesn’t compromise suction which is vital when you’re trying to get dust and mud out of the tiny spaces it can get in the van. You won’t believe how powerful this one is for it’s size.

ALPS Mountaineering Blanket

Campervan Gifts: Blanket

Not all blankets are created equally and this one is an example of why. Not only is it water repellent but it packs the same down technology that you find in your outdoor jackets meaning that you will stay warm during those cold van nights. Thanks to its lightweight design it is packable to store away but doesn’t compromise when it comes to keeping you cozy.

Over £100

Mini Projector

Campervan Gifts: Mini Projector

We’ve written about our love of our campervan cinema befor (you can read all about it here) so it will come as no surprise that we recommend this as one of our campervan gifts. It’s super versatile and turns even the smallest van into an amazing cinema experience. Use it outdoors to put on film nights for you, your friends and your family. Worth every penny for us!

Nintendo Switch

Campervan Gifts: Nintendo Switch

Games consoles and campervans don’t usually go hand in hand which means most of us gamers have to forego our beloved games when we hit the road. Thankfully the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for campervans as you can play it with it’s built in screen or plug it in to your 12v TV or even put it on the big screen with your campervan projector! Endless rainy nights have been saved with our Nintendo Switch!

DJI Spark Drone

Campervan Gifts: DJI Spark

One of the great things about travelling in a campervan is staying in some beautiful places and there’s no better or fun way of capturing this than with your very own drone. The DJI Spark has been the go to drone for vanlifers due to the combination of it’s full feature list, it’s low price and just how small it is. We’ve used ours to capture some amazing views and video us driving in some places we wouldn’t have normally been able to see.

I hope these give you some ideas for campervan gifts for the loved ones in your life, we know we’d be stoked to receive any of these!